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    Fangyuan Plastics Co., Ltd. joined the China Vibration Machinery Network Screening Pass member
    Release time:2021-8-25 11:57:33      Hits:331

    Anhui Fangyuan Group, a high-tech enterprise, has developed into a domestically specialized screen manufacturer after more than 20 years of hard work.

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Fangyuan adheres to the development strategy of "integrity forging enterprises and high-quality products for science and technology", and insists on independent research and development and innovation. Since the beginning of the company’s establishment, the company’s R&D center has been established, a scientific research team has been set up, and efforts have been made to carry out "production, learning, and research" activities, and combined with national policies and the company’s own development needs, it has established a position, that is, focusing on the research and development of polyurethane application technology. For new products and new technologies in the field, we will carry out independent research and development, cooperative development, and the introduction of a strategy of digestion and absorption of technology sources. Good performance has been achieved in material formulation, mold design and processing technology: five national invention patents, two national key new products, one provincial scientific research achievement, and ten provincial scientific and technological innovations.

    Backed by strong R&D capabilities, Fangyuan Group has broken through the world’s three major brand screen production technologies: European CPU cast screens (TDI, MDI) cast screens (including rubber punched screens), and Japan’s TPU hot melt Screen, the fine screen that the United States has dominated the world for 34 years. Now it has become a global supplier with a complete range of screens, and has the right to export independently.

    Fangyuan always makes a fuss about the beneficiation industry chain, and its products include: multi-stack high-frequency screens, screens, cyclones, super wear-resistant liners, rotary casting large rubber drums, floor rollers, sand washing machine friction plates, Conveyor buffer bed, various types of rollers, scrapers (including alloys), rubber-lined pipes, loaders and heavy truck tires, and plastic runways sprayed with preservatives.

    By continuously launching new products and better services, Fangyuan will continue to enhance its influence in the international mineral processing industry.

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